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Animus Heart?

22 notification when my doorsensor in trigged

Helloj guys!
As topic says, on my Android and my wifes iPhone i got 22pcs of notifications every time the Fibaro Door sensor get trigged.
Its the same on “automation” and “scene”.

What have i missed?


// Gustav

Hi there,

does this happen only in the mobile apps or also in the Web-GUI of the Heart?
If also on the Web-GUI please let us know, what exactly is behind the scene “Borta”.

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I’m surely glad I could help, but please tell us, what the problem was. :upside_down_face:
Thank you!

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On my Iphone and 433-sensor I get 3 notifications each time…

A 433 sensor often sends its trigger-command multiple times to ensure that the receiver really gets it (since there is no feedback on that protocol).
It might help if you, on your trigger sets “Trigger only on change” under the Advanced section. Then it will not trigger on three on’s in a row, but only on the transition from on to off, and vice-versa.


Hello Olsen!

I always run the web-gui on a touchscreen home on a Ubuntu dist. Our phones is only for notifications and so.
I have never get any notifications on the web-gui?
When im skip the “scenens” and only go with “automation” it works with One notifications!

This works:

This sounds like a browser problem.

I just rembered what I was told by the support a few days ago:

So maybe this is also could be the root cause for your issue.

This problem is only when the door switch is in “And” not in “when”.

Is it Animus-people that reading this? Or shuld i mail this post to Animus?

If noone of the commuty has an idea, you can contact the support here .

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That is different compared to your initial automation. This automation is triggered by a device, while the other automation is triggered at the same time as the scene “Borta” is triggered. Who triggers the Scene “Borta”? Is it done when you press the shortcut on the dashboard or is it triggered by another automation?

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