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Animus Heart?

433MHz device functionality gone?

Is the 433 MHz device support gone?

My devices disappeared after reboot and now I can’t choose to add such devices either?

just rebooted mine to try out, and im still having it there

And now they’re back. Rebooted twice and still not there but then after a while they were. maybe it needed a lot more time to initialize 433MHz functionality…?

Did they appear at once after reboot?

yepp was there as soon that i could connect to it

Strange. I rebooted mine again and now it’s gone again. I’ll wait a while to see if it comes back.

Ok so it took about 10 minutes and then a lot of green popups started to appear about devices being added and now it works again. Strange…

is the heart old?
Mine did strange things this summer when it was awfully hot inside

About a year or so…

if u compare our photos, google assistent is missing out too

Yes thought about that too. All icons below Other are missing except for homekit and virtual devices. And they also come back when my 433 MHz devices appear.

I would suggest to turn to the official support to get some answers about this. Feels like the problem is hardware-related. But I’m not an engineer :wink:

Hi @mrdgriffon,
The devices are loaded synchronously meaning each device initialization will block the other until it’s finished or timed out. I’m suspecting you have a device that can’t be reached on WiFi that blocks for a while. After the timeout - every other remaining device is loaded.
Device loading order:

  1. Z-wave
  2. Cameras
  3. PhilipsHue
  4. Lifx
  5. Rf433
  6. Sonos
  7. TP-link
  8. IKEA

Check if any of the devices before Rf433 aren’t available any longer in your network (Z-wave will most probably not block).


Hi @vato .

Thank you, you were right.
Apparently the IP of my Hue bridge was changed.

I’ve updated the IP in the device info now and everything is there from the start after reboot.

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In the upcoming release, ACRE, Animus Heart will automatically find your Hue if it has changed IP :slight_smile:


Lock the ip of the hue hub in your router

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Yes, already done :slight_smile:

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