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Animus Heart?

A few more suggestions

Now when Im setting up our christmas lights I realized that it would be awesome to temporary disable devices thats not in use.

Another thing I would like to be able to do is to group devices that will do the same action when setting up automations. Now you have to do the same config to all devices one by one.

Everytime the TRÅDFRI gateway get an major update the heart loses connection to it. Its frustrating because sometimes its very hard to get them to work properly again.

And last I would just say that I really appreciate the work devs and mods do. Keep updating the heart and it will be the No.1 gateway that exists!

I’ve never had the problem of losing the TRÅDFRI connection from the Heart, and the TRÅDFRI gw has had a lot of updates…

However, I do have assigned fixed IP addresses for the Heart and the TRÅDFRI gw in my DHCP server. I guess that if your DHCP server (router, whatever) is unpolite and moves the TRÅDFRI gw to another IP then the Heart will have a hard time talking to it…

Anyhow, I agree that it would be nice to temporary disable (or override) devices. Just disabling an automation works for some scenarios, but not all…

My Trådfri GW already have a fixed IP because when it didn’t had it I got major problems.
Then I don’t think that it’s the Hearts fault and that the quality of the trådfri gw may differ. I have had to change one (prop 1 gen) because it had major problems and IKEA didn’t know how to fix it and gave me a newer version instead. I think I’ll buy another one just to test if they act the same.