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Ability to send deviceid and data or status in webhooks

Deviceid can and should be the same as retrieved via API.

I would like to be able to set up a webhook something like this:
URL: http://IP:port/hook/script?id={deviceid}&function={functionid}&data={value}

This could even be a dropdown-menu where you set the URL, then select the device (like a lightbulb or magnetsensor or tempsensor).
It would then present a list of supported attributs, like “switch” if it’s on/of, meter V for volts, meter A for Amps, meter kWh for usage, “sensor” temp etc etc.

This is for example the functionpropertie for my on/off switchsocket that shows total kwh usage:

The device itself is: com.animushome.heart.packages.zwave.devices.0176-8
and the total kwh storage is “f-0.50.E_kWh”

This obviously changes between different brands etc, that’s why a dropdown menu would make sense for setting up the webhook.
It might be cpu intensive once at setup, but then it just needs to pass along the relevant deviceid with it’s data.

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