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Animus Heart?

Add camera to Animus

Bought a chinese camera to play with. It got RTSP but i cant successfully add it to the heart. The rtsp url is working locally in VLC. Do you have any idea?

The camera is a YCC365 Plus.

If you look at my post regarding adding a wyze camera, you will see an example on how to add the path, ip and port

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Yea ive tried that but it do not work. Could be this cheap camera. Although it has RTSP. Maybe the path is wrong for this camera.

If you figure out which company’s behind the chinabrand maybe you can find it in this database:

Thanks gonna do some research :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hm, I guess you have a static IP on the camera?

Some quick searching gave me this information, which you probably have:
username: admin
password: 123456 or no password
Port number: HTTP port (80), RTSP port (554), ONVIF port (80).
RTSP URL: rtsp://[username]:[password]@[ip]:[port]
Main stream RTSP: rtsp://admin:123456@

What port did you try with?

Yes static ip. Used port 554. Use this for Vlc rtsp://admin:123456@ and it works

But for Animus Heart you don’t enter the whole path right?

Looking at that RTSP url, you should leave the path blank in the Animus Heart guide.

tested various paths, blank, /Live etc. Chinese crap :smiley:

Yea, don’t know how else to help. Try maybe also with only the slash “/”. :slight_smile:

Hi, will follow this, I have a Dlink DCS-2330L that also works in vcl via rtsp without any problems. One interesting thing is that, if I add the camera in Heart when connected via vcl, i see a still image!