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Add "Device offline" to automations

I should be nice if it was possible to add a trigger for “Device offline” in automations. This is for Ikea trådfri and Phillips hue.

When using the light-switch the device will be offline. Its not 100% that the device (light) is off, but in normal cases it is.


could you please elaborate a bit on exactly why and what? Do you want to be able to detect a state “Device offline” from Philips Hue & Trådfri devices because they are not reliable?
If I got this right it would be a very useful feature. Then you can avoid firing automations/scenes involving devices that for different reasons are offline. Please confirm if this is what you meant. Thanks

Today I installed a lamp in my basement that don’t have a light switch.
My basement is still under construction and I have one light switch that turn off all the lights.

And I want the new lamp to be turned off when I use the manual light switch.
So I created an automation that trigger, “when” one of the lamps jn the basement is turned off. But obviously it will not work, because all of them will be offline.

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