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Add more users

add more users with access-control

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@kflaathe, what access would you like to restrict to other users?

For those completely new to AH: Today more users can be added, e.g. via Remote Access. But only with full access.

I think that all the other familymembers only should have access to trigger the existing devices. NOT be able to edit anything. Its to easy to mess up an automation otherwise.


Maybe we could be able to choose what other users can do, wouldn’t that be great? Maybe someone has really competent family members or roommates? And say you are going abroad for a longer period of time, but don’t want to give them your login or complete access.

Things you can restrict access to could be; adding new users, deleting users, create automation, delete automation, edit automation, add device, delete device, read data input from device, trigger device, trigger automation/scene, accessing the left hand menu with settings for wi-fi and packades and stuff.

Haven’t tested adding users yet, sorry if something I wrote is totally irrelevant :slight_smile:


Hehe. Yes, that sounded a bit harsh, but what I actually meant was that we absolutely need another type of account with restricted access for those you don’t want to give full access.


Haha, well I agree with you on the need to have that function! It’s a really good idea, and something I miss in Google Home (at least I think all users have the same acceess there, except for guests).

i do have some guests and others for a periode of time that does not need full root access remotely .
Local users with local access that can be edited .