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Add new Automation Timer

I’ve noticed a problem when I connect a IR sensor through an automation to switch on the roof light.

The current timer becomes very cumbersome as it expires after X time units. Good enough if you have left the room. But, if you’re standing in front of the mirror shaving when the light goes away, it becomes very annoying.

I’d like that each impulse from the sensor shall reset a new dedicated sensor-timer, i.e. if you appears in the sensor range before the timer expires, it will be reset to its original (starting) value again.


Hi @Nepholog, would it not be possible to change your automation that turns the light off?
On my hallways I use this type of automation; which allows a light to stay ON until the sensor don’t see movement for a whole minute.

Interesting. I was not aware about the advanced controls (a bit too grey link).

Not obvious to me how the logic works, need to perform some trials. Hope it works as expected, my wife is furious right now :wink: