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Animus Heart?

Add new z-wave device get stuck

When I pair a new z-wave device it get stuck at the interview process. What can I do? I do not want to go back I want to go further.

Same happened for me as well, cancel the process and exit the app. Wait a bit and you should see a new device (with a weird name) should be a rebuild option in the device settings.

This worked for me at least. Think there is some cloud issues, since I can’t connect remote.

Thanks for the answer, but no. I exit the process and the app. Waited and started the app again. I can not see any new device. If I try to add a new device it says “Busy including” and if I go to the ongoing process I come to the stuck interview process.

Now I can’t start a new including process… and no light in my bathroom…

My Heart is still in interview process. Do I dare to make a “norsk reset” or will my :animusheart: be :brick: ?

Sounds like having a bottle of Absolut Vodka on your own, which may help for a while. :innocent:

Seriously, which device are you trying to include?
Did you simply try to reboot your Heart?
Maybe you were experiencing a variant of what I had some time ago?
I prefer using the web-GUI for inclusion when possible, in this case there seemed to be a second inclusion process starting in the background, so maybe that’s what happened to you and the app suppressed the notification I got?
Have a look at what @lundeandre wrote and check if there’s a new node created in the background and the node-ID was counting up by two for the device.

I can’t find a new device (with a weird name). If I go to “settings” and look in Z-wave package I can see that an interview is in progress (for a couple of days) and there is a “loose node”.
I have not tried to reboot my Heart. Last time I rebooted my Heart (the Heart was frozen after a power outage) it did not start and I had to to a factory reset, I do not want to do that again.

Do you, @Olsen, think it is safe to reboot my Heart?

Hm, I think it should be safe to reboot, but maybe try the following before:
open the web-terminal and enter

> enter zwave
> add stop

which is supposed to end the running process (safe to use).
You might also try to execute if the above command won’t work:

> add reset

which, I think should be safe to use, actually I never tried it.


> remove start 39

will delete the loose node (safe to use).

Thanks for suggestions. I also hope that Animus support soon respond to my case.

Many thanks @Olsen for your efforts to help me. Today Animus support answer me. They told me to do a main reset (pull the plug) and wait 5 minutes after power on. I did so and there were a node with no function, I did rebuild that node and now it is ok.

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