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Animus Heart?

Add rainsensor Oregon

I wonder if there is any way to connect an “Oregon Scientific PCR800” in Animus?

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Hi and welcome to the forum!:bouquet:
Since it is a 433 mhz device the answer is plausible. In theory it should work, and probably in reality as well. It’s not an offical compatible device but we have learned that due to the generic pairing process many devices work anyway. Some sensors (telldus tempsensor for example) strangely seems to vary between actual devices. We do have an obstacle in length between the :animusheart: and the oregon. It depends on how far they will be from each other.

If you easily could return it and get a refund i would test. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:
The thing is that I already had the rainmonitor and the associated weatherstation. I was just curious if it would work. I haven’t tried it yet.


Please get back on how it’s working :blush:


Now I’ve tried typ add it but it doesn’t work, (I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly :see_no_evil:). I placed the rainmonitor close to my Animus, and tried to search for it under the /add device/433 MHz - beta/ than I had to choose manufacturor and Oregon isn’t one of the presented. I tried several other manufacturors but it never found the rainmonitor. Any ideas?

I would suggest to choose a nexa sensor, but try telldus temp/hygro sensors as well. Doesn’t it find anything when you reset the rainsensor from earlier connections and then set it in pairing mode, put it next to the heart and try to pair?

Now I have tried everything possible, changed batteries, reset the rainmonitor multiple times and placed the monitor just a few metres from the Animus but it won’t connect. I’ve tried several sensors in the app but the Animus cant find the signal. I know that the rainmonitor is working since it transfering data to main unit Oregon RGR126N.
Thanks for the support anyway. :slight_smile:

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Ok, then we can confirm it’s not working! Thank you for trying!:bouquet: