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Adding Wyze camera

I am trying to add a camera with rtsp.
Generated link looks like this:
But when I type in the adress and move on it seems no feed is found. Anyone with a tip for solving this problem?

Have u changed user and password?

what i mean is where it says user u should put ur own user name and samething where it stands password.

Have u put in the portnumber after ip? i belive the standard port i 554.

don’t own a Wyze myself, but before u was forced to update the firmware to enable the RTSP.

The URL I posted was just a «dummy». I have enterd user and password. But not portnumber. Wyze software is upgraded to the one with rtsp functionality.
Tried the link in VLC player and it works there

strange, it should work if u put in all information correct i belive.

Since you can see it on VLC you should have the correct port and other info. How did you input the info in the guide? Don’t write the whole url.
Here is an example screenshot I just made:

And not until after you click “Next” you will be asked to input user and password.

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Ahhh thank you! That was the solution. I used the whole rtsp://user:password@ipadress/live link.
This is whar was generated from Wyze. But using just /live, and then it worked :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright, that’s great! :slight_smile:

How are the Wyze cameras btw? Thinking of getting one myself.

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Good value for the price they cost. Two way communication via the wyze app.
Not out of the box RTSP, but they have a software you can download.
I do not have the pan and tilt version.

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Yea, it has a pretty impressive price-tag. Wonder if this is a case of “too good to be true?”
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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What is the path for? I know my IP and user/pw, but not the path.

The stream path is required to find the video stream. It depends on what camera you have but a quick google should probably help you with the path. Usually they are something like;

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