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Advanced automation rules

I am currently not a animus user, but I am thinking of switch from my zipabox to one.
But currently I am not fully sure about the automation rules that can be set, what I can see in the the knowlgedbase there is only this WHEN, AND, THEN.

What I really like about my zipabox is the advanced rule builder where I can for example have an IF statement in another if statement. Otherwise the zipabox is not so much to have.

So my question is if there is another way to build rules for more advanced users?

Hi there,

actually this is a feature I, and I assume lots of folks in this forum, too are also missing.
Hope something like that comes with the next update.
You can activate loops to make one automation trigger another, as for me, I work a lot with virtual switches that reflect certain conditions like dark outside, awake, at home and so on, mostly triggered by GH voice command.

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Thanks for the answer. Looks like a great hub but think I need to wait until they have some more advanced automation.

Could you please give an example how to use loops. As a less experienced user I have not really grasped the concept at all.

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Hi there,

I think your question was already answered here. :wink:
So, if you create an automation that triggers a virtual switch, which starts another automation, you have to allows loops.
As for me, I also allowed loops for automations that triggers scenes, don’t know it’ s necessary, though.


Hello Fredrik.
Have you made the step from Zipato to Animus yet? I also plan to do it but I have been waiting for long.
Now I see 90% of my devices should be supported so that should be ok.
Now I only wonder/worry how many of my 125 rules in Zipato that is possible to reproduce in Animus?
Half of them is “geek stuff” and not really needed anymore but half of them I really like and they do have lots and lots of conditions with IF/ELSE parameters.
Using virtual switches and meters is crucial for doing advanced automations. I wonder if anyone can tell me what virtual devices are possible to use in Animus and what type of conditions can be used in automations?
Thanks in advance!

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