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Animus Heart?

Aeotec Doorbell 6

Bought this product but there is no way to get this to work with Animus with all the option this has to offer.
Have anyone tried this?

The devices uses the latest z wave tech but there is not many that support these functions.
Have spoken with Aeotec and they sent me Zensys Tools where you can see all the command classes. But to change them and set it up with the Animus is something complete different.

Hi @hr.moeller I actually have tried one and what is it you want to do with it? It works with the Animus Heart, even though many unneccesary functions also comes into the GUI from the interview.

How I added it:

  • Set Animus Heart in inclusion mode (Autodetect, not through any guide).
  • Press the button on the back of the Doorbell (the siren) once.
  • S2 options will come up, there is a code on the label of the Doorbell that you need to enter. I think I messed up mine because it says device connected with unsecure (don’t really matter).

So then you have a device in Animus Heart that has a function that is called Siren (Root Device) and this one has some states, “Tamper Idle” (nothing happens), “Tamper Active” (bell rings)…

This function can then be used in different automations, for e.g. WHEN Siren=TamperActive, THEN Send notifications to phone.

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Actually don’t know what I think about this Doorbell. It looks really nice and I am pro Z-Wave, but it’s extremely expensive. I basically get the same function with a 200 SEK 433MHz doorbell from Kjell&Co (https://blog.animushome.com/2019/10/01/find-out-what-you-can-do-with-smart-wireless-doorbells-in-your-smart-home/) :sweat_smile:

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Do you know how to adjust the volume on this thing?

Not tried actually but if found some documentation that I think can help for that device.
Seems like you could try something like ID=3, SZ=4 and V=1 … volume values are 1-7 and 7 is set as default.
Document: https://doc.eedomus.com/files/Engineering%20Specification%20-%20Aeotec%20Doorbell%206%20%20.pdf

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Did anyone get the chance to test this?

I already have a Doorbell 6 and setting the volume and melody on this device is exactly the part that doesn’t work on a lot of Z-wave Gateways, since apperently it uses some newer commands that are not implemented in a lot of (open-source) projects.

I am thinking about buying the Animus if this is working correctly.

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This can be used to change some settings, but not the volume.

Including it as a Gen5 doorbell doesn’t work either.


Also bought this device. It pairs with the heart using generic device.

  • How do I turn of the tamper alarm? Alarm goes of all the time when i touch the chime.
  • How do I lover the volume of the ringtone?
  • How do I change the chime signal?

I bought this device because it says its a compatible device on the Animus Website. I am not a programmer, but to say that the device is compatible when the integration works so porley feels a bit like stretching the truth.

Is there gonna be an update for this device to make it easier to handle and set up? As it is right now i’ve spent about 1000 SEK for the chime and a couple of buttons that i cant use.

Sorry for the grumpines but I really need to get the doorbell to work sense i threw away the old one.

Help me out :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m not an expert in any way, and I haven’t done this myself. But what they wrote earlier in this thread is, look at the documentation and learn what values you can set to adjust settings. Then go into Devices and choose your device, go to settings (cogwheel icon/Edit device) on your linked device in the Heart interface on your phone app or computer. Look for this:



Yes, I have tried to change the parameters (according to manual) but when i for example set the parameter to 2 and save the value it automatically changes to like 7263829 or something. Some hexadecimal thing going on i guess?

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Hi there,

I am also interested in this device, what kept me from buying it are the former comments in this topic and also the results of my researching some time ago.

First of all, make sure that the S2 inclusion worked.

Here you can find even more advanced informations about configuring the parameters.

What I would like to know, how many endpoints do you see, when you click on the device in the Heart Center?
The siren has 8 endpoints + the root device, do they all show up?


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Hm, this looks promising to me, I feel a strong urge getting my hands on this device. :wink:

If you create an automation using one of the endpoints, are you able to adjust volume and the chime signal there and if so, are all 30 signals available?

Regarding parameters, I recommend contacting the Aeotec support, these guys are really smart.

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Mine was some how not connected to the heart anymore, so now am back to basic.

The problem is that the heart dont support sound switching.

This is how its done via a another controller via Z wave PC controller software

Mute tamper sound.

  1. Input these Values:

Source End Point: 00 // leave as default
Res: 00 //Don’t touch this, this does nothing.
Destination Endpoint: 02 // Tamper Switch endpoint of Siren or Doorbell 6, you can use this to control sound of your button or other alarm options
· Endpoint 02 - Tamper Alarm sound
Bit address: 00
Command Class: 79 //Sound Switch Command Class
Command: 05 //Sound Switch Configuration Set Command
Parameter: 00 01 //Volume #5 (as 05) Sounds #01 (as 01)

Change door bell sound and volume


  1. Input these Values:

Source End Point: 00 // leave as default
Res: 00 //Don’t touch this, this does nothing.
Destination Endpoint: 03
· Endpoint 03 - Button #1
Bit address: 00
Command Class: 79 //Sound Switch Command Class
Command: 05 //Sound Switch Configuration Set Command
Parameter: 28 01 //Volume 40% (as 28 in hex) Sounds #01 (as 01)
· Volume is a range between 00 - 65 (in hex which is 0 - 100 in decimal or easily seen as 0 - 100%)
Sound can be a range between 00 - 1E (or decimal value of 1 - 30 or sound #1 - 30).

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Thank you!
Did you include your PC with the Z-Stick as a secondary controller to the Heart?
Do you use Zensys-Tools for that?

Animus team, still cant change volume or ringtone, help please?

I used Home Assistance to add the secondary controller to the Animus.
And after that I used Zensys-Tools from my PC with the Z stick that was already included in the Zwave network.
So via the tool I could change sound/level etc directly to the Doorbell.

Tried removing it cause it was showed as supported and now the sound level is insane again plus the tampering sucks. Why write that its supported when its not??
Now I have to start all over…
But I know it is possible to change the level via parameters via the Animus but only a fraction was it supports.

YOu can do it from Home Assistance changing the sound level I mean.

Bad news, folks, here’s what Aeotec support answered to my question if the Doorbell can be configured with the Heart:

"I am not familiar with Animus Heart gateway but based on what i can find out about this, they do not support Sound Switch Command Class in Z-Wave which would cause issues where you cannot change volume or sound that this device supports.​

If Animus Heart can pair the Doorbell 6 without security, you could pair a Z-Stick Gen5 or other Z-Wave USB Adapters as a secondary controller to push sound and volume control changes on the different endpoints.

If so, you may be able to use Zensys Tools which I can provide steps on how to use that software to force changes to Doorbell 6, and use Animus Heart as a hub to trigger via automations.​

Zensys Tools / PC Controller is a Windows software only."

I just created a topic in the “Suggestions” category. :innocent:


Any update, just bought this based on that Animus had support for it. Need to update the volume.