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Animus Heart?

Aeotec Doorbell 6

Bought this product but there is no way to get this to work with Animus with all the option this has to offer.
Have anyone tried this?

The devices uses the latest z wave tech but there is not many that support these functions.
Have spoken with Aeotec and they sent me Zensys Tools where you can see all the command classes. But to change them and set it up with the Animus is something complete different.

Hi @hr.moeller I actually have tried one and what is it you want to do with it? It works with the Animus Heart, even though many unneccesary functions also comes into the GUI from the interview.

How I added it:

  • Set Animus Heart in inclusion mode (Autodetect, not through any guide).
  • Press the button on the back of the Doorbell (the siren) once.
  • S2 options will come up, there is a code on the label of the Doorbell that you need to enter. I think I messed up mine because it says device connected with unsecure (don’t really matter).

So then you have a device in Animus Heart that has a function that is called Siren (Root Device) and this one has some states, “Tamper Idle” (nothing happens), “Tamper Active” (bell rings)…

This function can then be used in different automations, for e.g. WHEN Siren=TamperActive, THEN Send notifications to phone.

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Actually don’t know what I think about this Doorbell. It looks really nice and I am pro Z-Wave, but it’s extremely expensive. I basically get the same function with a 200 SEK 433MHz doorbell from Kjell&Co (https://blog.animushome.com/2019/10/01/find-out-what-you-can-do-with-smart-wireless-doorbells-in-your-smart-home/) :sweat_smile:

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