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Aeotec Garage Door Controller

Hi! Anyone have the Aeotec Garage Door Controller? Does it work, is it good? I can’t find it in the Product compatibility list, but lots of other Aeotec products is supported. Is the Garage controller not possible to use with the :animusheart: or is it just not tested yet, or something else? Seems like a good product to me.

Normally I would suggest to do what I use to do, buy this device and see what happens. :grin:

Since this thing is a little pricy, you could first try to find out, what “Barrier Operator Command Class” is used for and if it is absolutely necessary to operate the device, I think this CC is not supported by the Heart.

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Thanks @Olsen! Aeotec has great documentation, if you know a little about z-wave, which I don’t :smiley: I feel like I almost get what I’m reading, which feels like a reciept of good quality! I might buy one and try, but it would be better if, say @vato could give me a hint to wether there is a chance or not.

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Did I mention that I became a total Aetoc fanboy? :upside_down_face:
Have to admit that I regret a little that I bought so many Fibaro devices in my initial smart home euphoria. :smirk:

Please let me know of your experience with garage door controller!

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No, I but I can see why, they seem to have a great customer support service as well as great products.

I looked into the garage door controller and found that Open Hab, Homey and other controllers seem to have issues integrating it fully. The problem seem to be with the controllers, because it’s a complex thing using a lot of unusual classes or something, like you said. It’s supposed to be secure and safe, and that brings complexity.

I think I’ll wait a bit with getting this solution, it even seems easier to build this from simple components that are supported, alertast. At least at the moment.

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Right, these are my reasons why. :slightly_smiling_face:
Just today a guy from their support gave me another inspiration that my network problems could possibly be really caused by the Fibaro motions sensors, as I suspected before.
So more homework to do, seems I never come to rest with this subject. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Most CCs seem common to me, only a few are standing out, I’m afraid they could be the showstopper, so better to carry on using the big old RF433 thing. :wink:

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That’s correct, the Barrier Operator Command Class isn’t supported at the moment (fw 2.0.2) and it’s not part of the next release either. @Gordon, we have added it to our backlog and will have it implemented in future releases.

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Any updates on this? I just bought an aeotec garage door controller and can verify that the animus can be used to open and close the garage door. Only as an “togglable on/off” switch. So no open/close sensor or other stuff.

I would gladly help out during testing if applicable :slight_smile: