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Animus Heart?

Aeotec Key Fob Gen5

Just bought Aeotec Key Fob Gen5 to the wife thet hought was that she would have it to unlock and lock the door among other things.

But after adding it I only get these choices? have tried to add and remove it several times, but the same.

What am I missing or not understanding?


Bring up my post

Hi there,

what’s missing is an option named “Key Pad” or something like that.
I am using the Fibaro KeyFob which looks like that:


When klicking it you will find all available options for each key.

Perhaps the Aeotec Fob is simply not working with the Heart at least it is not listed here:


Did you try to ex- and include the device via the console, to see if there is a helpful log output?



no it’s not in that list. but its in the list were u add devices. there fore i thougt it was compatible.

otherwise i don’t understand why it’s listed there. Just as u show in ur picture im missing the part where u will see the key commands. i have tried exclude and include many times without any diffrence

Did you try to re-include via the console (web terminal) and kept the device close to the Heart?
Maybe it makes a difference between including via your computer’s web-browser or mobile phone?
Otherwise, and if you are sure that the Fob is not defective, it seems to be a question for the developers or a more skilled person than I am.

Yeah i tried it with my Brothers homey, and there it worked. soe nothing wrong with the device.

Have tried to include it by a computer and with the browser, and by the phone. Keept it Close.

maybe the new update will fix it, will buy a fibaro key instead. and put this on the shelf

Not tried this key-fob previously, does it support Z-Wave+?
Just like Olsen said, trying to re-add it but closer to the Animus Heart could maybe fix it since it enters the system but all packages are not being added. Try the automatic adding alternative also.

"The Aeotec Gen5 KeyFob is a Z-Wave+ Remote Control, which features all the functionality of larger Z-Wave remote controls into a smaller, more modern design. Because of its small size it can be fit on a keyring and taken anywhere with you.

This Key Fob Remote Control can be set up as the primary controller of a Z-Wave network or as an additional Z-Wave controller. This is perfect for including it as a remote control in an existing Z-Wave network. This device operates in two distinct modes: setup and use. Each of the four buttons on the Key Fob can control multiple Z-Wave devices with a simple push and can control up to 8 different scenes. "

it does support z-wave+

i have tried the automatic adding, but same thing.

kind of sad, becuase i like the feeling of it. and “m.nu” hade them cheap as hell right now

Thanks for the hint with the cheap price!
As I am looking for a more solid Fob than the Fibaro to carry around on my keyring, I ordered one , too, couldn’t resist. :roll_eyes:
So you will hear from me again maybe at the end of this week.