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Animus Heart?

Aeotec Smart Switch 7 not reporting anymore

Again some inexplicable behaviour of the Heart.
Yesterday I had to reboot because the Heart locked up again.

Today, about an hour ago, I found that both of my SW7 are not reporting energy values anymore, automations and manually switching on/off still worked.
Also, the Heart confused the parameter settings of both switches in the web-GUI as well as in the app.

Refreshing did not update the values, I even unsuccessfully tried to poll the switches.
My other devices still worked it has only been the Aeotec switches that caused problems.

Another reboot made them report again, but, honestly, two reboots within 24 hours to make everything work again is a little too much. :unamused:

Does this have a connection to the flits-issue in the other thread?

Hm, I don’t think so, since the symptoms are completely different when the “i-think-it’s-a-FLiRS-issue” occurs, in this case the network seems totally flooded, so even simple automations like “lights on when motion detected” or voice commands aren’t executed, also, switching on a bulb which is associated directly to my WallMote only results in a blinking WallMote, the light stays off. :confused:
Sometimes the Heart calms down after a few minutes, and somtimes it takes a reboot,

In this certain case all other mains-powered devices, and there are several ones in my network, reported their values, except those 2 Smart Switches.

I read and understood how communicating to FLiRS works, it generates a lot of multicast traffic, but what I don’t understand is, why this blocks everything for minutes or make the Heart (or another gateway) lock up completely.:thinking:

I found out that there is more than just this.
Rebooted the Heart today for this specific reason, 2 out of 3 switches stopped reporting.
Later, I wanted to check out my washing machine automations.
I found out, that the updated values are only reported, when clicking the refresh button, thus the automation was triggered only after doing so.

Meanwhile I figured out that the switches really don’t send any unsolicited reports to the Heart, so I contacted the Aeotec support.

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According to Aeotec support I removed the association of group 1 of one device to the Heart and added it again, which didn’t help.
In the next step, I was asked to change certain parameters.
Trying to do so, I found that the changed parameters could not be saved to any of my SS7, after another reboot I was able to save them.
The switches still didn’t report.
Maybe there’s something wrong with the associations?

The guy from Aeotec asked me to re-include one device, which didn’t help as well.
Now he will ask his colleagues in Europe if the can get their hands on a Heart to reproduce this issue, if not, he wants to contact the Animus support.

Thinking about associations, this issues reminds me of many of my battery powered sensors not reporting the battery values anymore, so maybe there’s really something broken with group 1?

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Looks like we finally found the problem. :exploding_head:
Excluded one switch and included it again, but only with S0-security, and it worked and still does today!
Did the same with my Eurotronic VOC-Sensor, that had the same problem, which I noticed only after having a closer look.
Testing with breathing directly on the sensor made the value report immediately, so something seems to by fishy with S2-security.
Yet my S2-enabled D/W-sensor keeps reporting. :thinking:

Sent a bug report for this.


Have to withdraw this, it only worked for a few days. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not sure if this has changed in the beta I am currently testing, but I found, that there seems to be meter-report incoming, unfortunately the result stays the same:

Aug 10 10:38:06 DEBUG #122Zwave Package - Node45: Handling: Packet null (130) { ZwaveCommand 0x32.0x02 with values: 0xA1 0x64 0x00 0x03 0xA6 0x7C 0x00 0x00, Security:S0 }

Edit says that I didn’t test it with my washing machine automation, just found, that the values won’t make their way to the Web-GUI.

Just rembered what happened after one of my LED-bulbs blew up some time ago, SS7 entered powerfail state and reported current and voltage, but not power!
The same thing i was able to observe with my washing machine today.

Here’ s an old screenshot of the powerfail event, as you can see, voltage broke down from 220 to 121V, the current went up to 27A, but no wattage was reported on change:

Have you tried setting the parameter 91 of your SW7? If you set the parameter it will send reports when reaching a threshold for W. Otherwise it will send the periodically reports every 10 minute only or when the Heart polls the consumption. I tried this with S2 enabled as well and it worked for me.

The problem is perhaps that your Z-wave network was overloaded and the report couldn’t be transmitted. I don’t think it will retry again after the threshold has been passed even if it failed radio transmission earlier.

Parameter 91: Threshold Power (W) for inducing automatic report.

Threshold Power (W) for inducing automatic report.
Size: 2 Byte, Default Value: 0

Setting 	Description
0 	        Disable
1 - 2300 	1-2300W

Yes, the value is set to “1” on all of my SS7.
Believe me, I tried almost everything.

"parameter": 91,
"size": 2,
"value": 1,