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Aeotec WallMote Quad

Hi there,

I just bought this device, the inclusion worked fine, 4 switches and 4 multilevel controllers were found.
Is it possible, to use this switch to dim my Lifx bulbs?


Hi @Olsen, you will maybe not get a very smooth transition, but if the WallMote allows for double click and hold also, then you have three steps you could create automations with.
So, it would mean creating automations on the buttons on the WallMote and have those button-presses trigger a certain level and/or color of the LifX bulb. But having a smooth transition by e.g. holding in the buttons to a certain level won’'t work in todays version.

The buttons allow (double)tapping, holding and swiping.
The swipe funktion is meant for dimming, I wanted to use this, but must admit that I don’t know, if this is the way, it is meant to work for non-Z-Wave devices.

The functionality of the different remote presses aren’t associated to anything until you create the association yourself via automations. So, you need to create an automation saying something like, When btn1 is double-tapped on the WallMote, Then do A, B, C…

If the swiping changes the value of a multilevel controller in the device, then you could (with a lot of automations) get some kind of dimming-effect. E.g. When multilevel reaches 10%, change light to 10%, when it reaches 20%, change light to 20% etc… Quite a lot of automations, but could work.

Now I see, thank you.
I will think it over, but I think, I’d rather stick to the Lifx app then. :thinking:

have just bought one of these. Did you try any dimming or other cool stuff with it?


no, since swiping won’t change the value of the multilevel controller and I also don’t want to create an automation with about 50 steps.
Theoretically, dimming another Z-Wave device should work by associating the dimmer control group of one button with the multilevel control group of a bulb, but I didn’ get it to work. :unamused:
If you want, you can read about my efforts with associations here. And this is by far not all I’ve tried.

But still this is a really cool, device, I use it for good looking at my doorframe and also other helpful things like, one button triggers my virtual “at home”-switch, one simply switches a bulb on and off, the remaining 2 buttons are reserved for scenes.

I also have a question for you, did you manage to wake up the WallMote for 10 minutes, like it is described in the manual?
For me, this works very unreliable.

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Ok, now see what you mean. I somehow turned off the beep in the process as well… How to program the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: thing is another mystery

So waking up works for you without trying 10 or more times?
What do you want to program? I only disabled beeps and enabled swiping.

Morning! No, My initial post was that I made it work, but very soon I also got the intermittent behaiviour you mentioned. I have since not successfully awoken it. :frowning:
I would like to use it for controlling a few scenes and lamps, but are unable to grasp the concept it seems. Eventually I created an automation which triggered when the keypad was enabled. Seems a bit clumsy, or is this what I should expect? Thanks

This is the way it is supposed to work. You can choose between key x pressed long or normal, so you can add 8 different actions.

But as I mentioned before, there would be endless options when getting associations to work, at least for controlling other Z-Wavw devices.

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Thanks for confirming that. I made a suggestion to create a “controls” category in the GUI to “hide away” all these as controlling actions. I will struggle some more with the waking process. Obviously its timed very strictly and thus hard to get right. I was probably just lucky the first few times.

Yes, I already spotted it, and it gave me the inspiration to ask for something completely different, thanks. :slight_smile:

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@Olsen, Do you know what they meant in the manual for the Wallmote… It’s inclusion is described as secure and insecure, but if s0 is the result of including it securely, and that is concidered insecure, then I’m lost again… lol

I see, I have also been confused about this a while ago look here .

The WallMote doesn’t support S2 securtity.

No I get that Wallmote don’t support s2, but what I don’t get is why they describe two ways of including it in the manual? One is without security, the other one (clicking twice on action button) is supposed to be the secure method. I’ll pop a question to their support as well. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Ah, now I get it. :relaxed:
S0 stands for encrypted communcation.
If a device would have been included unsecure (=unencrypted), it would be stated in the field “Security”


Also it seems, that not all features are available when adding unsecure.

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Ok, that was my guess, thanks for confirming! I’ll withdraw that one for Aeotec support then. :slight_smile:

Talking about Aeotec support, these guys are really great!

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Yes, this is the only way I found how it can be done within the Animus sphere. One automation for each button option, totally 8, but that works great with almost no delay at all. And I haven’t charged the battery for over a year!
And for me togheter with 3 Nodon with 4-button each and click- dbl-click and long click you get a really looong list of aut. only for the buttons so the improvements with the grouping was really good.

Now I get some inspiration again to see if I can get the sliding dimmer to work directly to another device, if I can find dimmable zvawe at home.
Great discussion :+1:t2: