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Animus Heart?

Aeotec WallMote Quad

Yes, also nice to find some folks to play. :slightly_smiling_face:
Indeed, I also love this device, and yes, the battery seems to last for years.

After not getting dimming to work with associations I made a step back and tried it with simply swiching on and off, but this also failed.
Can you confirm that I was on the right track with the commands in my second posting here ?

But I haven’t tried again after the last update, which seemed to include some Z-Wave fixes.

You are invited to keep me up to date about the steps you have taken. :blush:


When/if I get anywhere with this I’ll be sure to let you know the results.
I agree that it seems a little unclear on how/what commands to send.


I reanimated my Z-Way Server last week and included it as a secondary controller.
Today I tried to complete the device interviews to see, if asscociations could be managed that way, and of course it’s the WallMote and my Oomi-bulbs that refuse to complete the inteview, all other devices worked well. :rage:

But I found out, that the Heart is recognized by the Z-way server. :hugs:

I have tried again the commands that I used before with switching and dimming.
I’m almost sure they are right, but still didn’t get it to work.

The interviews with Z-Way are done so far, so I associated one button to a bulb and both worked, switch on/off and dimming.


I will quit my experiments for today. :unamused:

It looks like that the device only stays awake, when they are commands coming from the gateway, like an active interview process.

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From the Wallmote manual;

then your WallMote Quad will wake up for 10 minutes and the orange LED will fast blink while it is awake (if the WallMote Quad does not receive the Wake Up No More Info from the primary Controller).

The “Wake up no more” command might be sent from the heart if there is nothing to be configured, but if so, the 10 minute thing confuses me… I have asked the support how it should actually work, or be induced.

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Ooops, i should have RTFM. :upside_down_face:

So I chose the hard way to find out:

I think that this is not needed for “normal” purposes like including, the device won’t go to sleep until this process is finished.
You can wake up the device manually if you e.g. changed the config and want to apply this immediately or if you play around a lot. :roll_eyes:

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lol, not at all, you seem to have the means to decode this mystery :slight_smile: I take it it’s the “z-way” server that gives you this insight? When is it worth the while to install one of these? (without having read the manual) I guess it’'s used to keep track of z-wave devices and their firmware?

It’s the “Zniffer” feature of the Z-Way server, which is a fully qualified Z-Wave Controller.
I read that, when used on a secondary controller, it would monitor the entire network, which doesn’t seem to work, but anyway, it’s interesting to see what your devices are talking about. :wink:
Still a nice addition to the Heart, you have a 24h history of your sensors (I can confirm it works for Aeotec MS 6)
Yes, it shows detailed inorfmation and also the firmware version of comatible devces and, If someday Aeotec decides to provide the images for Z-Way you can also do a firmware upgrade OTA.
May also work for other brands except Fibaro, but what I don’t know is, if this works from a secondary controller at all. :thinking:

Don’t know if it makes sense to install for only 2 Z-Wave devices, but if you plan to get some more, you may want to give it a try.


Talking about Z-Way Server, here’s what the Aeotec support told me today about Firmware upgrades:

“There is currently no file that works with Z-Wave.me.
We are working on a solution together with Z-Wave.me.”

Sounds like good news. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Support just told me that the Wallmote will exit the wake up if the “No more info” is received, which is probably why it is shutting down instantly. The most reliable way to wake it up should be to plug in the USB, which should never be connected for more than 3 hours at a time…

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This i cannot confirm, it’s one of the things I’ve tried last weekend. :astonished:

Good to know, do you also have an idea why? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry,. no, just that it was important to unplug within this time.

Here is the solution for switching and dimming an Oomi bulb with one button of the WallMote using assosciations:

Thanks again @vato

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New here and new to Animus :slight_smile: and home automations

Sorry for bringing up and old thread.

I have a Wallmote Quad and saw Olsen post on how to make it work with z-wave, but is it possible to do the same with a IKEA Tradfri bulb thru IKEA gateway?

I have for now made automations for on/off functionality, one for on and one for off where they check the light if it is on or off, but this is quite random as it seems to run both automations at the same time, is there a way to sort this?

Log output when i press a button on the Wallmote
info 2020-07-09 11:00:21 #bid94 - Automation: “Kök knapp 2 av” was triggered
info 2020-07-09 11:00:21 #bid94 - Automation: “Kök knapp 2 dag” was triggered


Hi there!

No, you can anly asscociate Z-Wave devices to each other.

I remember having read somewhere here, that Zigbee / WiFi-devices won’t report their status properly.
Maybe you want to try an automation like.

  • key short pressed = on
  • key long pressed = off

That’s what I did with my LIFX-bulbs.