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After clicking "add new zwave device", you are sent back to start page


When I try to add a new device in either web or mobile/Android, I click on the + sign in the “Devices” page to add new. Then I get the normal window displaying a choice of 433/zwave/… Then I click on zwave but nothing happens. I click again, nothing happens. I click a third time and now I get sent to the inclusion dialog and can move on with the process. Sometimes it works the first time but in most cases I need to click 2-3 times. Something is fishy here…

Bug hunting, Vol. 2. :upside_down_face:

I can confirm this behaviour, especially for the Android app, but it does not happen every time I do an inclusion and normally works for me already with the second try.

Have reported this as a bug now: Your reference is HCS-1417