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Animus Heart?

All rf433 devices offline/ unable to use devices on 433 Mhz

Hi guys!
I have about 30 nexa switches and 10 temperature sensors from Telldus, among other sensors.
For the third time in 2 months I have lost control of all nexa switches, and none of the sensors report temperature. The stuff on wifi, and through IKEA Gateway, still works.
Reboot of the heart - No success
Trying to re-add the stuff - No success

Since it happend three times now, I have found a fix for it…

Log on to the terminal (Navigating in the GUI to MenuDeveloper PortalTerminalOpen Terminal ).
and type the following commands:

enter rf433
service stop
service start

thus reboot the service. (Why it doesn´’t to reboot heart? beats me…)

So, now my questions:
What am I doing wrong? Why does the service stop?
What can I do about it?
and so on… :wink:



I have the same problem. Feels like I’ve tried everything, but nothing helps. I’ve sent an email to the support as well, no answer yet…