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Animus Heart?

All Z-wave devices gone after reboot

My heart became unaccessable, so I had to pull the plug to get into it. Now after reboot, all my Z-wave devices are gone? Is there anyvaw to restore them or do I have to go thru and pair all of them again?

Hi there,

are the devices gone completely or the values of their sensors?
It takes some time for populating the values, but if the devices won’t show up anymore, even after a “soft” reboot, you should raise a support ticket.

They are gone completely. If I check the device view, I can only see Heart Halo, a LIFX device and some virtutal devices. Also if I go to Settings -> Package controller -> Z-wave, there are no nodes listed.

That is what happened to me I believe. Another restart fixed my issue, ie reloaded the z-wave package.

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Another restart did the trick, big thanks!