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Animus Heart?

Animus can't be reach right now?

I’m having some problems with loosing connection to the heart with the app.
Get the message “Animus can’t be reached right now”.
Happens at least a couple of days per week.
In this state automation works so it is not dead.
To be able to connect again it needs a reset.
I’m using a static IP and doesn’t work locally or remote when it is in this state.

Anyone else experiencing the same behavior?

Best regards

I don’t understand one single word, but the title makes me think, this topic has to be moved.

Do you have a static ip set on the heart? Is it through remote access or locally? Are you able to access it through heart.animushome.com?

I’m experiencing the same behavior!
I’m can’t reach it remote but it works fine locally tho.
i’m using ip provided by dhcp.