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Animus Heart lightbulb communication [SOLVED]

Why does the Animus Heart say that some lightbulbs is on when they’re not? It’s frustrating when you see in the app that you have switched some bulbs off but the light actually don’t.

Hi @Lacken and welcome to the forum!
Which protocol are we talking about? Is it zigbee, z-wave or 433 mhz?

Hi @Exxpert, thanks! Sorry, it’s both Philips bulbs and IKEA bulbs so it’s Zigbee protocol.

Hi @Lacken, the Zigbee lightbulbs and devices on 433MHz don’t report back on changes made outside of the Animus app.
I know that Zigbee lightbulbs can and I think they will be fixed with a software update, but since 433MHz devices don’t support 2-way communication they will be impossible.

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Thanks @Vigge! When you say that it can be fixed with a software update, do you mean for the heart or the bulbs? I’m just curious to learn how it works :smile:

A software-update for the :animusheart: i would say. It’s the heart that doesn’t poll the light for current state at this time. Hopefully it will be solved in an oncoming update :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Exxpert for your explanation!:grinning:

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