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Animus Heart?

Animus home - Silence

Why silence Animus Home? Do you have a roadmap? Will you continue do develop?
I have a ticket created 1 month ago, no answer. I was hoping for this controller to be something great. As a developer I was glad that they soon should have a developer portal. It have been “Under construction” for I don’t know how long time.



My ticket is over two months old and questions in the forum is un-answered, even though Animus refers to their forum.
So much for the friendly smart home community.
If they are calling it all off, at least they could have the decency to inform us all.


They did a release in dec right? Icebeeg.
And it is a pandemic going on.
And then I guess Alexa has come out with integrated zigbee and who knows what google has around the corner. Death of home controllers? I too have had a few ticket with any answers.


Yes a release, And what did that release give us? No difference for me, more than that my remote access not works anymore.

I’m working at home as developer with e-commerce, not so big difference for me. I can do the testing at home. Yes, If you need to work with hardware, maybe it can be more difficult.

Despite the difficult you can have a roadmap and update your customer.


For Animus Home the next step is probably to be acquired by a larger company in the home automation sector. A company that lacks a gateway in it’s product line but hopefully has some Home Kit knowhow.

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Everyone is strugling because of the pandemic, it has hit hard in some parts of the community and others not as much. Patience is the keyword here. We should try and help each other in this forum and on Facebook where they have created a community group for helping with the :animusheart: as much as we can, so the guys can keep working on bigger things behind the curtains. :blush: