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API possibilities

Would it be possible (now or in the future) to create your own sensors for devices that aren’t supported by the Animus (yet)?

In my case I have a DSMR (serial) power meter that I want to read (every new power meter in The Netherlands supports this protocol). I can just create a simple application that will do the communication with the device itself. Could I just create a device via the API (or otherwise) and update the values for it via API calls?


Same need here. I posted the same request last week. E.g. by having a virtual device which can get numerical value (virtual switch already exists). So as far as I could understand from the API documentation, there is no such support so far.

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Thanks for the response.

Any devs that can comment on this becoming available in the (near) future? I think it would help out a lot of tinkerers and help me decide if I should buy the Animus.

Hi @did @Harm

In virtual devices, except from switch type, you can create a dimmer which can take a value between 0-100. This could perhaps be used in your case?

Then you can use the REST API to update this device value and use it within Heart system. (You need to manually create the virtual device, you can’t do that through the REST API)


It is for showing/storing my power meter values (kW & kWh).
It will at the very least need to store 32-bit integer values. But a floating point value option would be prefered (since current power usage has 3 decimals at this time).

Creative suggestion, thanks :slight_smile: works good for humidity, not that good for temperature.