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API to read locations ID

I’m currently developping an exporter to influxDB, using websocket, and I miss an API to get the name of the locations based on the location ID (animus_area). Is that coming or perhaps undocumented feature?


Dev so far here https://github.com/didros/animus2influxdb
Still some work to do, like reading “unknown” devices / functions on the fly (“unknown” at start of the process, which is actually the mains case for functions after restart of Heart :frowning:).

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Interesting to follow this project, and see the outcome of it.
Since Animus has no own presentation of data in graph, this can be an alternative.

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Btw, there is another simple exporter to Prometheus here, based on pooling the API: https://github.com/lareve/heart_exporter
I thought using websocket would avoid the API rate limitation, but there is a limitation there as wellimage

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I tried the heart_exporter, and after just a few hours I’ve maxed my REST requests.
Don’t know If theres something I could have tweaked better to get less requests, but these limitations is a little bit too strict imo.

You can get less requests by changing ‘3’ to something higher here (i’d remove the invalidation completely and restart the app when adding new devices or invalidate when missing a device in the for fun in fun_query: loop): if self.invalidate_devices_counter == 3:

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