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Animus Heart?

Are the categories/sub-categories good?

The forum is built to make communication around Animus Heart easy and fun. What do you guys think about the existing categories and sub-categories on this forum? Are any of them unnecessary and is there any other category you would rather have?

@Vigge The current set of categories is looking pretty good. Adding a page where users specifically can add suggestions on what function, devices, etc. that they want to see implemented, would make it even better and easier to navigate. Especially in the further when we start seeing a bit more people and posts on this forum. :smile:

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@linushg111 It’s a good suggestion and I will add a separate category or subcategory for this. :slight_smile:

Please also have in mind that feedback and any other requests directed only to the Animus Home team should be sent via our support center, animushome.com/support. The primary function of this forum is users sharing thoughts & ideas with other users.

Added a separate category for Suggestions.