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Animus Heart?

At Home if away for more then xx minutes

Using the feature at home is not optimal when WiFi often is shut off doing power safe
Screen off etc on mobile devices.
Especially if you use it for an automation or scene.

This is actually a big issue.
I’ve made a kind-of-workaround, but it’s not 100%

I have two dummy switches, Present and Home.

For the Present switch I’ve made an automation to check if I’m present using the apps wifi-check, or if various PIR sensors are active, or if the TV is on. For the TV I use a Fibaro power meter plug to check the current power usage.

This will turn the Present switch on.

To turn the Present switch off again I made a second automation:

Here’s a closer look at the PIRs and the TVs WHEN event:

Then for the Home switch I also have two automations, one for turning the switch on, and one for turning it off.

Home ON
WHEN Present is on AND Home is off, THEN turn Home on.

Home OFF
WHEN Present i off for 2 minutes AND Home is on THEN turn Home off.


Innovative, good work! :+1:

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