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Automation does not work when triggered from physical switch

I have an automation that works great when activating if from the app, however, not from the physical impulse switch which is part of the When.

The idea is that when one physical impulse switch turns on a Fibaro dimmer 2 is should also turn on another Fibaro dimmer 2.
When Switch is On
Then Turn on Switch

Any ideas on how to get the automation working when activating it from the physical switch?

Hi @lsoderst, not sure I understood your automation completely right, but it sounds a bit like you are making one automation triggering another automation? To make this possible you have to allow loops in your automation.
Please elaborate the description if this is not the solution to your issue.

Thanks for your reply! That is not the case, rather, it is one automation triggered by either app or by physical switch.
The layout is this:
In the kitchen I have one physical impulse switch with a connected Fibaro dimmer 2 (device 1) to turn on one set of lamps. Another set of lamps in the kitchen are connected to another Fibaro dimmer 2 (device 2) without associated physical switch.

The one automation I have configured is that when the device 1 is turned on it should also turn on device 2. This works well using the Animus Home app, however, not when flipping the physical impulse switch for device 1.

Okej, I see now. It is probably because the device 1 (fibaro dimmer) is not updating it’s status fast enough, so the automation is not catching the change. But when you switch from the app it catches the change immediately. So, a fix could be that you lower the poll time for the fibaro dimmer (e.g. poll every second). Not the prettiest solution, but should work.
Seeing this case I understand it would be useful if the system handles that automatically as soon as device 1 is switched. I’ll try to pitch it to the team and have them look at it :slight_smile:

Changing the pollTime to 1 for device 1 did not resolve the issue for a one-click activation. I tried it with two of the other momentary switches without any luck.
I figured this was basic functionality and one of the basic reasons for light automation so I figured until now that I missed something obvious.
I only have the Heart until Saturday before the return policy will we void so I need to get this resolved by Friday to avoid having to exchange the controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

On the fibaro dimmer connected to the momentary switch, you can connect both S1 and S2 to the same switch. Then you can associate S2 to the other fibarodevice in an automation. The best would be to use a double momentary switch :ok_hand:


Have you tried this in the animus heart? Maybe you can write a step by step guide?

I have not tried it yet because I dont have any fibaro dimmers at the moment :joy: But read the fibaro manual. The dimmer has S1 and S2 where S1 controls the dimmer and S2 can be assosiated to other dimmers

I (think) have the same problems, any automation set to trigger when Switch endpoint 2 is on/off doesn’t trigger. Works fine for main endpoint. Seems like a bug to me?

Installed a Fibaro Double Switch 2 a few days ago. I have similar symptoms. When pressing S1 the status in the Heart for “Switch Root Device” is updated and shown in the GUI. So far so good. However when pressing any of the S1 or S2, the status of the “Switch Endpoint 1” or “Switch Endpoint 2” in the heart are not updated. It seems that there is no way to catch the S2 status change by the heart.

Furthermore, I don’t understand why the heart configures three Switches (“Switch Root Device”, “Switch Endpoint 1” and “Switch Endpoint 2”).