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Automation for "Weekend mode"

I made an automation (actually two automations) for Animus Heart to know when it is weekend or ordinary week-day.

First I made a dummy switch and named it “Helgemodus”, or “Weekend mode” in english.

Then I created two automations to turn this switch on and off, based on day of week, and time of day.

For the first automation set the WHEN parameter to friday:

…and the time on friday you want the weekend to start. I chose 15:30, as that’s when I leave form work. Remember to choose “Repeat weekly”.

After you’ve set the WHEN parameter, you should check that the switch “Weekend mode” is off in the AND parameter. And finally in THEN you turn on the “Weeken mode” switch.

For the second automation you just reverse the first one, adding “Sunday at 23:00” and “Repeat weekly” in the when statement. AND check if the “Weekend mode” switch is on, THEN turn of “Weekend mode”.

Having this set up you can make other automations that check if the “Weekend mode” switch is on or off, and issue commands based on that knowledge.


I will implement this immediately, thanks for a great idea! :slightly_smiling_face: