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Animus Heart?

Automation including switch off


Beginner here.

I have an automation “Turn on outdoor lighting” (When the sun sets then turn on switch).
I would like the same automation (“Turn on outdoor lighting”) to switch off for example at 01:00 (not after “wait for x hour), or when” sun rise"), ie I do not want to have O’Neill separate automation ”Tur off outdoor lighting ".

Don’t understand how to do it. It is possible?

Regards / Dan

I’m not 100% sure, maybe the more experienced users can chime in, but i dont think it is possible.

It usually take one automation to enable X as per rules defined.
And another to disable X as per rules.

I have a few of the similar, i turn on my gardenlights at 1900 but only if sun has set.
I turn the off at 23, but only if motionsensor in hallway AND on the porch has not been triggered for 30 mins (to turn them off after ppl goes to bed).

Thank you for replay.

I thought this could be possible because I have one motionsensor with one automation setting the light on and off without using idle. When Motion detected. Switch on. Wait for 1 minute. Switch off. So a ”Then function” for ie ” sunset” like ” Wait for” would have been nice.


Hi @vidstige and welcome to the community!

As @heart1 mentioned, you cannot have them switched On and switched Off from the same automation. So, you will need one trigger (sunset) to turn them on and then another trigger that turns them off at 01:00.
Maybe the upcoming feature “grouping automations” will come in handy for you.

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Thank you, for answer Vigge.

I am very pleased with the Animus Heart so far. Looking forward to the grouping automations if this will simply the amonunt of automations needed (keep it simple). Not sure what grouping automations means though.

Best regards


Great to hear! :slight_smile:
It will at least help getting better structure and overview.