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Automation with scene not working anymore

I have an automation that should trigger a scene 7.00 in the morning. The scene set my radiator to day temperature. If I run it like a “test” it works.

It have worked before. I have changed values no and save it, no difference. So the next step is to remove it and create a new one. I think I have restart the Animus, but should do that once more.

My other automations are working. The problem started after the upgrade of Animus firmware/software.

I writing this to hear if some more people have the same problem?

I have problems with previously working presence in automations. Only to trigger and send push if me and my wifes phones are away. All sensors triggered sends push since a month or so back in time. Have tried deleting, creating new automations etc but presence seens broken. Have sent tickets to support but they havent answered.