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Automations linked to multiple groups


I have a small apartment and all lights are in one way or another smart via :animusheart:

But I have more than 60 automations. It is getting hard to have a good view over them all. It is not possible to sort them. So if I in the top have some automations for lights in the kitchen and want one more automation for a light in the kitchen it will be placed in the bottom. It is almost impossible to even remember what automations I already created.

Yes, i can link a automation to a group, but many automations needs to go in more than one group.

For example: I have lights in every window, automations to these lights go in a group for what room they are in, but in the same time I want a group for “windows”.

So please:
Make it possible to sort the automations
Make it possible to link a automation to multiple groups.
Let us view automations in a folding tree configuration, even with groups under groups.