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Backup function - Feature Request

I know that there is already a topic in the issues category, but please take this as an official feature request to add a backup / restore function.
In the last week I had to reboot the Heart several times because of sensors not responding or locking up, just now I had to pull the power plug because it became totally unresponsive.
I would feel much better knowing that my settings are save and that I don’t have to leave back a lot of orphaned devices after a factory reset.


A-team already has this feature under high-priority, however I wouldn’t expect it to come very soon because it’s a delicate think to release. Many things that can go wrong and a lot of testing should be performed before releasing.


Good to hear, agree on the importance of reliability However, if you need beta testers just let us know? :nerd_face::muscle:

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To be honest with you, I would prefer not to do the beta testing… :wink:

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Really a scary thought, that the Heart would break down without a backup function. I fear the day (if) it will happen. Redo all automations and add all devices isn’t doable in an easy task!

Yeah. And it shouldn’t be THAT finicky to implement, all stuff is likely sitting in config files anyway, at least for the automations.

It doesn’t have to be elegant, but some kind of backup and disaster recovery function needs to be there…

Maybe config files, maybe a database.
But since the Z-Wave config is stored in the controller itself, I imagine that backing up or restoring directly to the NVRAM could be somewhat challenging, though, I am not a developer.