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Animus Heart?

Backup Strategy?

Meanwhile I’m at the point to do a factory reset of my Heart.
So here’s what I did so far to improvise something like a a backup:

  • exported a list of all my Z-Wave nodes
  • made screenshots for my automations and scenes
  • used Z-Way-Server to read out the config of my devices

Anyone here having an idea what I’ve could have forgotten???


I think it feels like a nice, good-enough stategy. :+1:


Thanks, but I am still open for inspiration! :slightly_smiling_face:


I get that, me too! :slight_smile: Having tried to turn the Heart inside-out (using it’s CLI) to find a good, easy way to back anything up from it and failed, I think your approach is really good and thought through (as usual). Well in-line with what I have used myself when having to back up “analog” stuff in the past. (excluding the 3rd line of course)
I too would be interested in learning what could be added in circumstances like these to improve the backup of it’s data/config even further.

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I think, there are not many alternatives to this, I also tried a lot to convince the Heart telling me it’s secrets.
At least all this was very instructive.

The best way seems to start a documentation from the beginning and update it at every change, something I seem to forget during my whole life. :smirk:
I remember we were talking about this some time ago.

As of backing up configuration, I’m not sure, if backing up the complete Z-Wave controller regularly and then later restore it in case of a malfunction would not bring back the early state of an unnoticed error. :thinking:
If backing up all automations was possible, I think restoring them to a fresh Heart would lead to lots of unknown devices in them, so you have to pick every device seperately again, so no time is saved.

Anyway, today’s the day, waking up this morning finding the Heart in a coma again speeded up my decision-making.

I will start up using this (thanx @Exxpert) and this guide, hoping to find it was worth the effort at the end.

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I think you are on to something. I have thought of the same as you guys, the problem with backup is the risk of the devices being added double. @vato how is the thinking about a backup-system?

Edit: I have to excuse myself from being off this last time, working full-time and have a 6 months baby at home along with operational work in our church made a little mess… Hopefully now it’s getting better. Will be home with my son 6 moths. :grinning:

Edit 2: I want to thank @Olsen and @animusness for keeping up the good spirit here. You guys are fantastic!