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Animus Heart?

Beginner issues

Now I have used my Heart for same days and there are some small annoying things that I can’t solve by my self. I have system version 1.3.5
I cant update my Animus Heart when I get a “ping” that there are available updates. When I press “install updates” it seems to download the updates but after a while I get an error message. And that error locks the app in my Android phone. I have to reinstall the app to get access to my Animus heart. This part I have involved the support in.

After reinstallation and when I sign in the app says that there’s a new phone connected. When I’ve tried to update my Heart for several times it seems that suddenly there is 8 phones connected (my wife have the same brand so her mobile have exactly the same name as mine). It’s just to remove them until there is only one left BUT in my automation I choosed to have notifications sent to my phone when a sensor is trigged, that disappear when I reinstall the app.

Is there any way to change name on “connected phones”?
Is there a bug in the App for Android that lock the app so I have to reinstall it? I’m not sure that that happens on my Ipad.

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