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Best robot vacuum for home automation

Is there a consensus to what robot vacuum is the best, from an automation point of view? There has always been the ”is Roomba or Neato best?” disussion :slight_smile: Those brands have gotten some company at the top from the usual competitor, Xiaomi. Roborock s5 and s6 seems pretty competent? I have a Roomba 880 and has been very satisfied with that for the last five years or so, and was really hoping for the i7, because the 880 only has IR and so on. But automation wise the i7 left some things to hope for, and I don’t know if there has been, or will be a firmware update? should prob Google

From home automation perspective I don’t know but my brother has an xiaomi roborock and is real satisfied with it. Connectable from Google assistant.

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I’m very satisfied with my Roomba too. It’s a tank. Strong, takes a beating and does the job well. I would however like to put that in our basement, and have another, smarter robot on our main floor. I want it to clean when we leave the house, I want to be able to tell it to go vacuum a certain room, and I want to be able to make automations like ’when we’ve eaten in the kitchen and left -> clean that room’. Of course I also want the new robot to not leak data, last five years on the original battery, and so on, if possible. You can never know, but I do feel a little iRobot loyalty because the 880 has served me so well.

And now there is a iRobot Roomba s9(plus)! Even more expensive, but also completely outstanding, as far as I can tell.

However, the only thing I’m thinking is WTF-why-is-it-not-z-wave!!! D: How long do we have to wait for a connected vacuum? Am I the only one who need(want) this?


You’re not alone. :slightly_smiling_face:
But what I want much more is a RFID transmitter!

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