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Animus Heart?

Bidirectional webhooks

If I understand correctly, the Heart today can send but not receive webhooks.

The receive would open new possibilities, and I’m sure it also gives increased sales opportunities for the Heart.

For instance I can have a 433 Mhz remote connected to one Heart, and with viritual switches and webhooks it would be possible to switch a light connected to another Heart in another building.

Home automation forums (including this) has a lot of range issues discussed: How can I reach my garage? How can I remote my garden light in another building (thats me)? How far can I reach by bridging Z-wave? … and so on.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldent bidirectional webhooks increase the present “30 m” range limit to “infinity and beyond” as long as power and network is available?

As i understand it, yes, as long os the recieving device is reachable from the sending device.
Right now, you could hack in a RPi in the middle, heart1 -> send webhook -> rpi -> update heart2 via API

The crippling limitation is the current 1000/7000 requests via api/websockets as of right now.

EDIT: This is the closest solution (but for HomeSeer) i found.

For what i can read out in forums, it uses a RPi with a USB-stick as slave via serialPort emulation or something similar.

It works something as a slave to the central hub software to reach where the zwave will not.
It prices on par with Heart, but is more or less locked in to their system.