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Bought something on black friday? (Mostly talk about whiskey :) )

As topic, did you buy something funny and electric on black friday this year? For myself i bought an air-moisture thingy. And…hrrrm…smell well bags… :grimacing: :flushed: :nauseated_face:

Edit: changed topic name since this thread just become of whiskey anyway :grin:

Nope, I could resist this year, since the electrical stuff offered was nothing that fitted my future plans.
But I bought something delicious, some really good coffee and a bottle of Single Malt for christmas. :yum:


Nice, which whiskey? :tumbler_glass:

Good old Laphroaig, one of my alltime favorites.
Love that island stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My favorite just now is Box dalvve. Really good swedish one! But agree laphroaig is a nice one. I’m a virtual owner of a plot on the island. Silly? Oh yes :joy:


Hm, I only know swedish vodka, why not try a malt? :slightly_smiling_face:
I also own several squarefeet of Islay, one day I’m going to visit the destillery to stake my claim. :sunglasses:

Here’s the one that i mean.

And to all under age users. It’s a link to systembolaget where you can’t buy if you are under the age of 20…

It’s been a long time that I’ve been 20. :grin:
Seems to be hard to get in Germany, I’ll have a closer look later.

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Would probably be the first time in history a german citizen buy alcohol in Sweden and not the other way round :rofl:


Mmmmm, Laphroaig :drooling_face: No, nothing, not even whisky.

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@Gordon yeah, Laphroaig, love him or hate him. :heart:
@Exxpert So it might have been a historical moment, when I bought some Pripps Blå in a supermarket in Varberg over 25 years ago. :grin:
Mellanöl, I remember that was quite a culture shock for me. :open_mouth::wink:


Couldn’t resist…:yum:


Looks like I got the very last bottle, the link is dead since my order.
Also I’ll give that a try: Jin
Can’t wait…:relaxed:


Ohhh exclusive for :de:
I really hope that you don’t get disappointed. :sweat_smile:


I don’t think so, peaty is always good. :grinning:
Otherwise I won’t blame you. :upside_down_face:

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@Exxpert Maybe you would like to give that a try :de: :

I’ve been there on site a few years ago, a nice, small destillery, bought a bottle of their 3yo, but now, the whisky has come of age.

Tried to find it here in sweden, nothing, zip, null. :pensive: couldn’t even find someplace to order from outside of sweden with home delivery :confused:

There are a few shops, but when adding shipment and taxes I’m afraid it would be cheaper for you to take a ferry and buy it on board. :unamused:

What do you think about the Mackmyra whisky, they seem to have a nice variety?

Yep, guessed that… But hey! When going to germany next time it’s a sure buy. Thanks for the tip! :+1:

It’s hard to review mackmyra since they probably have getting a lot better since i tried them the last time, wasn’t impressed at all… But it was a quite early batch. The “brukswhiskey” is apparently ok. But maybe some other swede here have had a zip of latest mackmyra and could give a review :slight_smile:

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But beware, this whisky is strongly hyped, some shops sell it for a price that is much too high, the first bottlings are traded for unrealistic money.
I prefered to enjoy my bottle. :yum:

Just got a notice, that my High Coast has been shipped, I am really eager of the taste. :relaxed:


The early Mackmyras didn’t impress me, but I tasted a couple tasty ones this summer. Leads me to think they are getting better.