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Bright "blink" when dimming qubino flush dimmer using apple homekit

I have a couple of Qubino ZMNHDD1 flush dimmers and they work fine in animus heart.

I mainly use the apple Homekit to control the lights, and whenever i try to dim the Qubino, it first flashes the lights at 100% before going to the dimmed state.

I think this problem was introduced in the latest upgrade of Animus, but I’m not sure. Does anyone have the same issue?


Hi @rob_nilsson, I haven’t heard of this before. Have you reported it to the Animus team through the support-system? animushome.com/support (third option)

Does it happen also when you control the dimmer from the Animus Home app?

Having a simular isue but connected to the sunrichter SR-ZV2835RAC. Works fine from the animus heart GUI, but when using the slider in homekit it flickers up to 100% everytime the slider is changed.