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Animus Heart?

Bypass the selection of a Heart


i would like to see an option to Bypass the selection of a Heart every time you start the Android App.
Since I only have one Heart, having to make this selection every time is very tedious, and is making the process of opening the App slow.


Agreed, if there is only one, one should not get the question. If more hearts than one, it should be possible to set which one should be the default one.


The strange thing is that not everyone has to choose this. For some of us that screen just flashes by for shorter than a second as the app chooses the only :animusheart: available. I’ve got two iPhones, if that is useful information.

If it helps, i also need to choose “home” even tho i have only one heart.
Also on android

I have two Android phones and I’ve found no way to bypass this annoying “feature” with only one home setup!

Hi all!

This request is in the pipline for Android as well. In iOS this feature has been available since launch.


Great to hear that, @vato :+1:t2:

Whaaaat??! More functions in the iOS-app??:open_mouth: is the reason a way for the devteam to compensate to the users for a less superior phone operation system? :joy:


You have to prioritize the larger group first, that’s why iOS have some features that Android lacks, and in some rare cases it could be due to OS limitations :wink:

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That is also how many programs and games begin their decline into abandonwares as bug, enhances wont make it into other platforms then the largest usergroups choice.

Granted, the app-control is a very nice addition for control, but as one can access the heart via web it’s not absolutely neccessary.

But anyways, i really like the heart as a hardwareplatform (and i also keep a spare nexa remote in my car if the gardenlights are off when i get home late :slight_smile:

In this case they are both really big groups, iOS is a slightly bigger group but not in the sense that it has all the saying. They usually have equal priority but unfortunately this feature got behind during development.

It is coming :wink: