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Can’t add z-wave (Telldus plug in switch)

Hi! I have a very annoying problem.

I can’t add my newly bought z-wave Telldus plug in switches to my animus.

I already have 7 plug in switches that was installed before the Acre update with no problems. But now it seems impossible to add more plugs.

I use the “auto detect” and find the new plug within a couple of seconds, up til here there are no problem. I choose security and animus sends security key to the plug. The problem starts after that. The text “waiting for device to respond…” just stands still for a couple of minutes, and after that i just get the message “no new device was added” and the plug isn’t added and I get forwarded to start the installation again. And if i do that it will end the same way.

As a cherry on the top, after this failed installation it always end with that i loose connection with ALL of my old z-wave devices and need to “heal network” in order to get everything working again. A task that takes pretty long time and stops me from trying to install again since the system is busy with healing.

I tested the same smart plug at a friend that doesn’t use animus and it worked without a problem. And yes, I made a factory reset on it before trying to add it to my network :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a clue of what I can do?

I can’t really reset my animus and start from the beginning since some of my devices is placed in difficult places.


/ Daniel

Just a thought of possible workaround: Have you checked if there is any differences in firmware of your old plugs and the new one? Maybe an up or downgrade of the new plug might help?

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That I haven’t check.
Do you know how to see/upgrade/downgrade devices that isn’t connected to the network?

Hi, sorry no. I just thought it can make a difference. Maybe someone you know have a Telldus controller to try with?

@kilgrensanimus Did you manage to solve this? Researching what plug in switch is the best, have Fibaro since before.

i have the same problem, after Acre update I can’t add any Z-wave items at all. The symptom is exactly as described by @kilgrensanimus and in the end it requires a heal of z-Wave network or even a reboot.
I have been able to add a Fibaro metered wall-plug once but it only adds the metering part. and not the swithch function. Rather useless if you ask me…
I have tried with 4 different wall-plugs and some builtin switches and neither works. All of them are easily added in my other home, with a controller of a different brand.

Z-Wave items already added (before Acre) works fine, so I guess it is only the adding routine broken by the upgrade.
I have not done a reset of my animus yet as many of my devices are built in in walls and have important functionallity for me. I.e I don’t trust it will help and I don’t want to be sitting with no z-wave at all in my system.

Any hope for a fix of this problem?