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Animus Heart?

Cannot setup Google home sync

THE process fails with no explanation­čśö

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Looks like the generic Google error that could mean everything. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
In my case, it was mostly related to network- especially WiFi-issues, so there are tons of things you could try, like

  • temporarily deactivating 5GHz
  • checking your IPv6-settings
  • temporarily disabling any WiFi-repeater
  • checking your router settings.

Well I am not saying that you are wrong but the reason for me trying to set this up is that the animus servers had some issues a week or so back. This leeds me to believe that is has to do with the animus servers. This since the initial setup did not have this issue :confused:

Excuse me Olsen. What in your response do you think justify a marking this question as solved?

Actually I think that it has been that @robert1 guy who marked this as a solution. At least this is what my profile told me:

Thats strange :confused: : ohh wellÔÇŽ

I have the same issue

I finally tried with a new Google account that worked. One thing I noticed is that the account that stopped working was a G Suite account. I do not know if that was the cause and sad if G suite accounts stopped being supported :disappointed_relieved: