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Animus Heart?

Cant connect Animus Heart to Google Home

I had them connected before, but one day I did something and it haven’t worked since.
I tried unlinking the animus on my Google profile, removed and activated remote access in Animus.
But i cant get it to work again…

I had the same problem a while ago. The problem for me was a device named with just numbers, which obviously Google sees as an issue. After renamning that device (adding a letter before the numbers) the connection worked.

Like @callenberg mentioned the names of the devices can become a problem for this integration to work properly. See this article: https://animushome.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AHK/pages/1358331911/Can+t+link+Google+Home+to+Animus+Heart

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I changed the name of 1 device. 1 of 23 devices. And now i can connect again :ok_hand:

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