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Chromecast alternative


I’m getting tired of my Chromecast loosing connection (or whatever happens), cannot select it to cast to anyway. I have tried a few things (restart mostly) to remedy this. But I am getting fed up wit it now and want to know if you guys have any ideas of a worthy replacement?

Strange, the same thing here, but only for audio, video streaming works fine.

Especially bad when streaming using Tune In radio, drop outs every now and then.
Spotify works fine most of the time, but only when I start streaming to my multiroom setup from a Google device, starting from a Lenovo device often results in stopping the music permanently. :rage:

First, I suspected my WiFi coverage was bad, so I walked around the floor using Heatmapper and, as a result of that, bought a new repeater to create a mesh.
Now, the coverage is really fine, but the problem remains.
Also, I messed around with WiFi settings and frequencies.

In your case, be aware that some Zigbee channels can interfere with 2,4GHz WiFi. :roll_eyes:
So maybe try using 5GHz if the range and signal strength are sufficient or try using fixed channels 1, 6 or 11 for 2.4GHz.

The only alternatives coming to my mind are Amazon or Apple. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks! Yes, I run my WiFi (reluctantly) on 5GHz for that particular reason, and works most ok. I don’t particularly like WiFi, I think stability is gained by wire, for streamers, players of different kind at least. Sure, it is nice to control them wirelessly, and still do.
I actually dug up an old Apple TV, and are trying it out now. So far, different from the Chromecast, but seems stable enough (these few minutes of runtime :laughing:)

It feels like Google has taken a unbeatable lead in this race. Miracast was a competitor long ago but lately I think apples airplay is the way to go if you don’t want to use chromecast…

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Thanks, yes, Airplay can be an alternative if the Apple TV won’t turn out to be easy enough. I don’t want to wrestle the equipment every time I want to listen to music or watch a movie - felt a bit like that with the CCast. It was probably something in the setup causing the issue, I like the idea of casting… :slight_smile:

I don’t have an alternative, but my chromecast works really well.
It’s a very old unit (about 3years or so), firmware 1.42.172094
Plugged into a monitor, monitor audio out to amplifier.
Streaming netflix, spotify vorks really well (direct from app to ccast.
PC to ccast depends on if i do other stuff on the pc as well.

I use 2.4ghz wifi, got unifi uap network all going thru usg router.
ccast is about 2m away from the ap.

I use the original powersupply to ccast. Perhaps check if another powersupply to the ccast works?

I’m sure its not a problem with the device itself, probably the way I set it up… Someone once talked about mDNS that should solve the issue with the device not being promoted as a cast receiver. Anyway, I’ll let it rest for now. Maybe I will give it a try sometime in the future, who knows. Thanks all who tried to help. :slight_smile:

I hope this doesn’t sound stupid, but did I get this right, that you stream from your phone to CC?
I plugged mine directly to a HDMI port of my AV-Receiver and let it do the streaming.

Does that mean, you have to install something like Apple Bonjour on your PC?
I must admit that I don’t know if you need name resolution once the connection is established. :confused:

It was some time ago now, and I don’t really remember. As I recall it was something you setup in your router/network. And no, if you already see the CC from your PC then mDNS will probably not make much of a difference

Hm, maybe something like UPnP?
I activated this on my router, also I temporarily allowed all involved devices to open ports automaticaly by themselves, but none of them ever seemed to do so. :expressionless:

Yeah i think i messed up the wording.

I have my wifi setup.
Phone & ccast connected to wifi.
Ccast in hdmi in my monitor (A Benq GW2470)
Benq 3.5mm audio connected to stereo.

I use the apps on my phone (netflix, spotify etc) as controller for the casting (if thi smakes any sense).

I dont have a regular tv or av-equipment.

all casting/streaming is done over the wifi.

I see, that’s the way I also do it somtimes, use my phone as a remote controller, when voice control upsets me, what happens especially when using Netflix.
All that multimedia stuff is somehow like witchcraft for me, something that is simply supposed to work without investing time in it , but unfortunately it won’t. :rage:

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You nailed it… Been wrestling my old Harmony remote most of the day (different phases tho) and still not done… :laughing:

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As I saw a friend of mine trying to deal with his Harmony, I was absolutely sure, that this is something I don’t want to have by any means. :upside_down_face:

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To be honest, its really great - when set up and working properly that is. It’s configuration utilities however… It requires several for one purpose… Could easily have been the greatest, but for me it feels just messy and overly complicated, with no extra gain… Don’t know why they have to make it as complicated in 2020, but as long as my remote works, I’m happy… :slight_smile:

Finally… Took only a day, sort of… :joy:

This might or not be an alternative, but https://kodi.tv/
It requires some knowhow and alittle more tech skills beyond plugging cables together (or the willingness to read docs, install/setup and possibly even pull your hair otu (if you have some left at this point :slight_smile:

I have not used it for along time, but used it on a very old xbox i used for home-entertainment way before ccast etc was available.

I was originally known as XBMC (xbox multimediacenter or something)

It has more ways or interacting with external utilities then the ccast which require the app/program etc have support for casting to it.
The Kodi can go as a “middle-man” for various other boxes, streams and programs.

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That’s an old acquaintance! I’ve used it as XBMC on the original X-Box, from start almost, and later as Kodi on different platforms. I haven’t used it in years though. Since streaming like Netflix and such came along that is what I mainly watch these days and have little need for all the rest (at that quite nice) functionality. One (only) downside would be that it has to be installed somewhere. I like the appliance-feel where I don’t have to worry about an OS, patches etc. Definitively a good alternative for those who still have the patience to dive in. :slight_smile: For the same reason I settled for the :animusheart: instead of solutions like Home Assistant which can offer more, but with a lot higher maintenance…

Yeah, i’ve also eased up abit towards the readymade appliance-stuff over the past few years.

I’m still quite good with networking hardware in point and can fiddle my way thru pc builds still, but it’s generally no longer worth the hassle if you dont need it for some specific setup.

I got the Ubiquity hardware for my networking lots of years ago, and as of recent i cant even remember when i last needed to do configs or even reboot the stuff.

Hence my Heart on the wall. It works (for me atleast) really well altho lacking in some areas i have not yet bothered to go too serious deep into.
Things like logging, graphing and nesting inside automations comes to mind. I just check the values sometimes to make sure they dont go wonko on me. (temps and humidity mostly).

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Great idea! Think I will copy that… :slight_smile: Thanks