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Animus Heart?

Cleverio Wifi devices

Anyone know if Cleverios wifi devices works with heart? I’ve heard that they will work with hue bridge, maybe you can add it to heart that way?

I have tried with Cleverio light bulbs now but the heart cant find them. They support Google assistant, home kit and alexa so I dont see any problem to get them working with the heart. I dont use voice assistants so I cant add them that way.

Hi Lacken, only the Cleverio Z-Wave devices are supported (see https://animushome.com/partners). I believe cleverio Wi-Fi devices use the tuya protocol (not completely sure and not digging deeper into this now). This protocol is becoming more interesting for the Heart however, so the priority should be quite high for it.


Thanks for replying! Yea I hope priority is high.

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Seems like it was really high priority… :rofl: