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Animus Heart?

Comprehensive test/verify of scenes and automations

I really miss a way of verifying that the :animusheart: understands my scene/automations correctly, and of course that I have done what I expected do do.
When hitting “Test”, all(?) that happens is that whatever is being edited is triggered instantly. Maybe it could also produce a detailed log/report of what was actually done, when. Like the activity report, but in much greater detail, what talked to what, setting X to Y and so on. This could maybe be an advanced debug feature turned on in the CLI?


Maybe adding a “verbose” checkbox to activate this feature for the actvity log would be a good idea, too.
Also rising the maximum amount of entries would be nice.

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A basic setup of a system like this, is that all actions already are logged on the Heart in a log-file, and it should really be accessible in some way. At least through the CLI.
If this is the case in Heart, I don’t know but it really should be.
As soon as you start to create a couple of automation triggering some scenes it really is hard to find a problem when something unexpected happens.
In these cases you want to see what has happened historically (last 24 hours? perhaps… ),and IMHO this should be achievable in some way.