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Connect NEXA NBA-001 to Animus

I try to connect NEXA NBA-001 (Thermo/Hygro sensor) to Animus. First of all, it doesnt exist in the list of Nexa devices.
Is it possible to have it connected, and how can I connect the NEXA service?
Thx // Johan


Absolutely, I have a few of those.
Add 433mhz, choose Telldus and then Temp/Hygrometer TSS320.

Remember to keep the device close to Heart.

I tried to connect as you suggest, byt ut still not work. Do you have any other tips and trix?
I push the sync button (both short and long push). Nothing works :frowning: Help :slight_smile:

have u tried change channel on them?

u need a special channel for each one of them if u have more

put the animus in search mode, and then put in the battery… it can take up to one hour to find them

Hmmm, sounds odd.
Try to change the channel (check manual) and start the search once again.
Put the temp sensor right next to the Heart and try adding.

If no luck, remove the battery and let Heart start the search and then put in the battery again.

Late reply, I tried again to connect this evening, nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to change channel in NBA-001? Cant find the manual

Hello everyone!

I have the same issue as johan2 and no matter what Iv tried I cant seem to connect my NBA-001 to my Animus heart. I even tried to change the bandwidth to 50kHz in rxconf (I use 58 4008 40 8) but nothing. The NBA-001 is lying ON TOP of my animus and Iv tried putting animus in search mode then remove batteries of NBA-001 and then putting them back. Starting to think I have a faulty NBA-001 even though it sounds kinda unreasonable.

Any ideas?