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Control HUE with Google Home via :animusheart: returns fault message

I receive the error message from Google Home. As the title says, I want to control my HUE units with the voice. I have NOT linked the HUE bridge to Google, but I control the HUE bridge via  which I “talk to” via Google Home.

I say “Ok Google, light up the window.” The window lights up but I get an error message. “The window cannot be reached. You may need to reconfigure ”. I’ve asked Google to sync my devices but it won’t help. However, if I ask Google to change the color, “Ok Google, make the window red” it works, same if I want to change the brightness.

What I can see does not work, 100%, is to turn on and off.

Does anyone else have the same problem?
Have I done something wrong?

Today I’m not receiving the fault message. So I hope it was temporary.