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Animus Heart?

Control the heating using using z-wave device remotely

Need some help how to control my heating at my summer-cabin.

Prerequisite: 1 Animus Heart, 1 contactor switch with input 8 - 230 V that one steers another contactor 230 - 400 V and it turns on and of the 400 V radiators. (electric).
The first contactor is feed with 12 V.

How its works today:

The previous owner was steering it via an alarm-central connected via an mobile device.
It have 4 cables to the first contactor, 2 is for the 12 V and the second 2, I think is to verify via the mobile device (alarm) that contactor is on.

The easy solution is to have a z-wave plugin and that one have a power-supply 12V attached.

But that is easy :smile: What I’m looking for is to have a z-wave device with a 12V or more (low level) output. And then a input telling that the contactor is closed, to be sure that the contactor is working.